The following page contains SPOILERS of the Breath series.

Zecora is a major character in the Breath series, as she is the one to cast the doppelgänger spell on Skyblack. She is notable for being an actual character from the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic show.

Breath (Reboot)Edit

Zecora, although appearing only once, plays a major role in the fanfic. She's the one who casts the doppelgänger spell on Skyblack, making him have Corrupt Skyblack as his doppelgänger, who kills ponies at night and eventually gets Skyblack arrested for the murders.


Her personality isn't much clear on the fanfic, but, since she cursed Skyblack for apparently just entertainment, it can be classified as a sadistic personality.


Zecora id

Zecora is a female zebra. Her coat is a combination between gray and white, as well as her mane. Her eyes is green and she wears earings and other accessories made of gold.


  • In the main show, Zecora starts off as a foe, and later becomes an ally. This leaves the evidence that Breath takes place during the somewhere after the show's start, but obviously, in a parallel universe.