That moment when you awake in the darkness

Your thoughts are filled with confusion and fear

Your heart is beating and you are afraid

You feel that a killer is near

A dark figure emerges

You know who it is: you want to flee

But The Black Death is clever and has tied you down

AKA Skyblack Graymane, with a huge killing spree

He grabs a weapon, of any kind

His wicked grin fills you with despair

He's about to slice you apart

Probably rape you too, stallion or mare

He starts the torture, you feel pain

He shows no mercy and loves your screams

While his machete is cutting you down

He's enjoying it more, it seems

You're getting weaker every minute

Of all the multiple cuts

He then shows his third leg and does wrong things

While you are still losing blood

He's finished with you, his fun is over

You know you're not going to live

Watch out for Skyblack Graymane

A merciless death he will give

Credited to Heavy On Fire