The following page contains SPOILERS of the Breath series.

Skyblack's mother is a major character in the Breath series, since her death caused many things, such as the first strings of Skyblack's depression and Moonrunner Graymane's leadership on the Red Heat.

Breath (Reboot)Edit

Skyblack's mother is killed by her husband, Moonrunner, for his own survival, as he owned a deal to a bar owned by mercenaries that would kill him if he didn't either pay or killed his entire family in conpensation. Moonrunner killed the mother and tried to kill Skyblack, but he escaped. Luckily, for him, the mercenaries decided the death of only the mother would be enough.

Breath 3Edit

Skyblack's mother is described very well during Breath 3, while Derpy talks to Skyblack about his past.

In the ending of Breath 3, Skyblack's mother reappears in spirit form, much like Fluttershy. She hugs Skyblack as Celestia and the Mane Five watch, ending the fanfic.


Skyblack's mother, according to Skyblack himself, was a very friendly mare who loved his son like any true mother would, and would defend him at any costs and do anything for his survival. She was very loveable.


Skyblack's mother had a black coat like Skyblack and Moonrunner, due to them being Holders. She also had a light green mane combined with just green, and purple eyes. Her cutie mark, is a heart with wings.


  • She's quite short when compared to Skyblack and Moonrunner.