The page below contains MASSIVE SPOILERS of the main Breath series, read with precaution.

Redflower Purpleye is a minor character in the original Breath series and in the Breath Reboot series, and a major character in Breath 2: The Fall of the Graymane. She has a son called Gray Purpleye.

Original BreathEdit

In the original Breath, Redflower is present in Episode 4. Her name is not said but as Skyblack describes her appearance, and it matches the one in the reboot.

Redflower is not killed in the torture. She is left alive to help Skyblack lower Ponyville's reputation by talking about her torture, without snitching Skyblack and Fluttershy.

Breath RebootEdit

"Also...don't worry, I won't tell you were the one that did're...cute..." -Redflower in episode 8.

Redflower has a bigger role in the reboot, appearing as a minor character, but telling Skyblack about Zecora's evil doppelgängers and that part of it will stay with him, after she has her cutie mark cut off by Skyblack, however, possessed by the Corrupt Skyblack. After that, she's saved by Skyblack, and is not seem until Breath 2: The Fall of the Graymane.

Breath 2: The Fall of the GraymaneEdit

"Look, I am sharing a house with somepony that I don't even know right...I am trying to help all you have to do, is accept..." -Redflower in part 1.

Redflower plays a major role, by giving shelter to a depressed and suicidal Skyblack. She becomes his best friend, not girlfriend, since Skyblack has decided to be loyal to Fluttershy and Blue Autumn to his death, avoiding any more girlfriends.

It's revealed Redflower works as a prostitute, which boggles Skyblack, since she has a son.

Redflower's son, Gray Purpleye is seem for the first time in the sequel as well.

Breath 3Edit

Redflower is killed by the Red Heat in Breath 3, along with her son, during the Christingham invasion. It's believed she was tortured and raped before being killed.


Redflower has a black mane, a gray coat, purple eyes as her last name says, and a red flower cutie mark that was cut off. She also uses a red band on her head.


Redflower is easily scared and can panic easily. However, she is calm and very empathetic. Skyblack also calls her "courageous" for letting him live in her home.


  • Redflower's husband is never mentioned in the Breath series.