The following page contains SPOILERS of the Breath series.

The Red Heat are a group of mercenaries that are indirectly mentioned in Breath (Reboot), minor antagonists in Breath 2 and major antagonists in Breath 3.
Red Heat

Red Heat logo.

Breath (Reboot)Edit

"Yeah, I just heard some clan of assassin mercenaries or something owned that bar...meh, I don't give a shit..." -Corrupt Skyblack to Skyblack in episode 7.

Corrupt Skyblack indirectly mentions the Red Heat in Breath (Reboot). It can be noted in his dialogue that the Red Heat was little know in the time. Corrupt also foreshadowed Skyblack's father's betrayal.

Breath 2Edit

Red Heat shows up along with Skyblack's father in Breath 2, as contracted mercenaries. They become Skyblack's bodyguards until when he is betrayed. After that, he kills many of the soldiers and also his father during his revenge.

Breath 3Edit

"So, basically, screw up and suffer, right?"

"That actually should be their slogan..." -Skyblack and Derpy in episode 6.

In Breath 3, Red Heat are the main antagonists. They have advanced technology and soldiers, and their leader was a Holder (and a know character). They destroy Christingham while Skyblack was out in Ponyville and also kill Redflower Purpleye and Little Gray. They're formed by psychopaths, sadists, rapists and various other kinds of scum, They enjoy torturing their victims in the worst ways possible.


  • They're based on the Nazis. This can be noted by their logo.
  • Red Heat is also a 1988 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.