Rainbow Dash (Rainbow Factory)
Age Not Provided
Status Deceased
Occupation Rainbow Factory Manager
Affiliation Rainbow Factory
Debut Breath: Rainbow Factory Episode One
Other attributes

Rainbow "Factory" Dash is a cyan blue Pegasus pony that appears as the primary antagonist for the Breath: Rainbow Factory series. In the finale, she is killed via the resources of her own machine.

Breath: Rainbow FactoryEdit

She first appears in Episode One, where she nearly kills Skyblack, but instead chooses to employ him as a worker.

She requests Hyper Flicker to guide him around and then next appears to travel with Skyblack to get Fluttershy, whom she also employs, and does not appear again until she gives him his paycheck of 15,000 bits.

Afterward, she appears commanding the factory workers around to find the two escaped fillies. She splits the group apart, who soon afterward regroup and betray her. She goes insane in her office and picks up a baseball bat with the intent of killing them all. She only manages to kill Pipe Gauge and Ponytastic, due to Hyper dodging the blow.

Hyper and Fluttershy flee as Skyblack goes beserk, and the fight ensues between them. Skyblack almost easily overpowers Dash, and was about to rape her. He stopped however, saying "I'm getting too old for this rape shit" and then throws her into a cage of starving, insane ponies.

It is assumed that even if she survived that, she was killed soon after when the factory exploded.


Dash is very commanding and strict, and has no tolerance policy for screw ups. She is insane due to her element and also capable of going beserk.


  • Canonically, this is the second time Rainbow "Factory" Dash has been killed. The first time was by Dr. Atmosphere in Awoken, which takes place in the same universe. It is not known how she survived in Awoken, but she has been confirmed to be dead in the Breath series.
  • Dash is taken most of the way out of character.