The page below contains MASSIVE SPOILERS of the main Breath series, read with precaution.

Princess Celestia is the goddess of Equestria. She makes is mentioned in various Breath stories and appeared in some of them. She is the primary antagonist of Breath: The Fall of Celestia. She's notable for being an actual character from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show.

Breath: The Fall of CelestiaEdit

"YOU'RE ALL GONNA PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!" - Celestia to the whole group in the finale.

In Breath: The Fall of Celestia, Celestia is the main antagonist. The plan from Skyblack, Crimson, Twilight and Fluttershy is to take her down and take over Equestria.

Breath: RebootEdit

"SCELESTUS!" - Celestia to Skyblack in the finale.

Celestia appears again as a minor antagonist. She is the jury of the court and the one who declares Skyblack guilty and sends him to the Ponyville Sanatorium.


Celestia is an unicorn, which means she can be an unicorn and a pegasus at the same time.
She as a blue, green and pink long mane and a white coat.


Celestia seems to be very angry and impatient in the Breath series, although, forgiving, since she forgived Skyblack in Breath 2: The Fall of the Graymane.


  • Celestia can be considered to be the most mentioned character in the Breath series for obvious reasons. Instead of saying "oh my God!", ponies say "oh my Celestia!", as she is a goddess.