The following page contains SPOILERS of the Breath series.

Moonrunner Graymane is a major character in the Breath series. He's Skyblack's father and the one who started everything.

Breath (Reboot)Edit

In Breath (Reboot), Corrupt Skyblack explains everything his father did to Skyblack, as Skyblack has flashbacks from the past.

Moonrunner owned bits to a bar owned by a "clan of asssassin mercenaries". The mercenaries gave him two choices. Pay the bits, or kill his own family in conpensation, otherwise, his house would be invaded by mercenaries and he would be killed along with his family. Moonrunner picked the second choice and he killed Skyblack's mother but wasn't able to kill Skyblack. However, for the assassins, just the wife was enough.

Breath 2Edit

In Breath 2, Moonrunner shows up as the leader of the same clan of assassins who ordered the death of his mother and son, the Red Heat. He offered a deal with Skyblack. By him sharing his fortune and letting his father live with him, he could have the Red Heat as his own bodyguards. Unfortunately, Skyblack accepted the deal, which later had all of his fortune stolen. Luckily, with the appearance of Fluttershy, he was stopped from commiting suicide. And then, later, Skyblack kills his father, avenging his mother and taking his fortune back.


Moonrunner is a perverted sociopath. He doesn't care even for his family, and he is always apparently thinking about sex. He tries to seduce Redflower Purpleye in Breath 2, but fails miserably, and is almost choked to death by Skyblack.


Skyblack's father
Moonrunner, like Skyblack, has a black coat and a white mane. His eyes are red and his cutie mark is a green pirate flag.


  • Moonrunner and Skyblack are practically the same size when compared to each other.