This page contains MASSIVE SPOILERS of the Breath series. Beware.

Little Gray is the son of Redflower Purpleye. He is a minor character in the Breath series.

Original BreathEdit

Little Gray is mentioned by Redflower in episode four, after Skyblack asks if she has a son.

Breath 2: The Fall of the GraymaneEdit

"I like staring at sleeping ponies!" - Little Gray in part one.

Little Gray appears for the first time in Breath 2: The Fall of the Graymane. He lives with his mother and Skyblack in Christingham.

Breath 3Edit

He is killed by the Red Heat along with his mother during the Christinham invasion. He was hung and in his chest, the word "HI" was carved in,


Little Gray
Little Gray
has a gray coat and a brown mane. His cutie mark are two pencils, implying that he might enjoy studying.


Little Gray is a colt, so he has a childish personality. He loves candy, likes staring at sleeping ponies, he doesn't swear once in the entire Breath series and doesn't seem to know what prostituism or sex at all is.


  • Little Gray's father is never mentioned in the Breath series, so he may be adopted by Redflower, but that's unconfirmed.