The following page contains SPOILERS of the Breath series.

Jack Goodfellow (formerly Jack Graymane) is a major character in the Breath series. He's the leader of the Red Heat after Moonrunner's death and Skyblack's cousin.

Breath (Reboot)Edit

Jack was a local neighbor in Skyblack's foalhood and was a big friend of his. Later, after Moonrunner Graymane kills Skyblack's mother, he is the one who shelters Skyblack until he becomes a grown adult. Skyblack leaves Jack's house to travel to Ponyville.

Breath 3Edit

"Remember me, Skyboy? Jackie, right? Yep!" - Jack in Episode 5.

In Breath 3, Jack is revealed to be the Red Heat's leader. He captures Skyblack, transforms him into a cyborg and tries to make him a slave of the Red Heat. He teaches Skyblack Holder powers and transforms him into his special weapon.

However, Skyblack later causes a mass revolution the Red Heat base, forcing Jack to try to escape it, but, he is killed brutally by Skyblack when trying to escape.


Jack was described to be caring and loveful before his betrayal in Breath 3. According to Skyblack he was the true father to him.

But, then, later, Jack is revealed to have totally changed, as he was a now a sadistic sociopath who captured ponies to turn them into cyborg slaves and his plan was to take over Equestria and transform it into a planet filled with Holders, thinking they were the master race.


Jack doesn't have an image, but he is described as a stallion with a black coat and a brown mane and beard, older than Skyblack himself.


  • Jack, in Breath 3, was based on Hitler, just like how the Red Heat was based on the Nazis.
  • Jack is implied to be a Holder, but he's never seen using Holder powers during the Breath series.