The page below contains MASSIVE SPOILERS of the main Breath series, read with precaution.

Inmate, as know by Skyblack, is a pony that helps Skyblack escape the Ponyville Sanatorium in the finale.

Breath RebootEdit

"This will only hurt for you..." - Inmate attemping to rape Skyblack in the finale.

Inmate's true name and past are never revealed, but, it's know he's a pedophile, cannibal and pervert, with clear signs of sociopathy and psychopathy.

It's know, however, that Inmate killed some foals before getting sent to the sanatorium. He hid the corpses under his bed, and, when he "tried getting one of those babes from the spa to bed", the "babe" discovered the rotting corpses.

Inmate was sent to the Sanatorium some days before Skyblack, which means he owned the cell and Skyblack had to do what he ordered, that was when Inmate attempted to rape Skyblack, but failed.

After that, Inmate helps Skyblack escape the Sanatorium, but only because Inmate saw him as a "sex slave".

Inmate, eventually, is betrayed by Skyblack, the last time he's seen, he is busted by the Royal Guard, after that, his fate remains unknown.


Inmate has a messy mane, his coat is entirely gray and his eyes are red. He has no cutie mark.


Inmate is clearly a sociopath with cannibal tendencies, who also seems to be a pedophile and clearly suffers from psychopathy. He also seems to be addicted to sex.


  • Inmate is quite similar to the original Breath's Skyblack, as he shows signs of psychopathy, sociopathy, pedophillia, cannibalism and seems to be addicted to sex.