Hyper Flicker
Age 23
Status Alive
Occupation Rainbow Factory Head Scientist (formerly)
Affiliation Rainbow Factory (former), Skyblack's Group
Debut Breath: Rainbow Factory Episode Two
Other attributes

Hyper Flicker is a Pegasus pony and former scientist for the Rainbow Factory. She was part of the group that betrayed the factory during the escape of two fillies from the Factory in Ponyville.

Breath: Rainbow FactoryEdit

Hyper first appears in Episode Two of the Breath:Rainbow Factory series. Rainbow Dash requests her to guide Skyblack around the factory, in which she replies that she doesn't have time since five of the gaurds (whom Skyblack killed) were lying dead in the hallway.

Over the course of his time in the Factory, Hyper befriended Skyblack and Fluttershy. She was the only one of the traitors to survive other than Skyblack and Fluttershy.

She accompanied the group into the pipelines in pursuit of the two fillies. After an explosion of magic from one, causing a floor to collapse, the group, exhausted, decide to asisst the foals in their escape.

Soon after, when the group confronts Rainbow Dash, she is the only one of the ponies who dodges a bat to the head.

After the factory is burnt down, Skyblack tells her she is free to start anew. She thanks him and leaves, and has not appeared in the series again.


Hyper is psychotic, as most factory ponies are. She doesn't, however, enjoy killing for no purpose. When the factory came to Ponyville, she claimed that the top workers all tried to make Rainbow stop, but she was too far gone. She is generally friendly, though also appears to be an egghead.


  • Hyper debuted in the Rainbow Factory spinoff "Awoken", a story (based off of the song by H8 Seed) by Princess Callie.
  • Her age isn't mentioned in the series, but she is claimed to be around 23, making her effectively a genius.
  • She has a doctorate in theoretical chemistry.