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Derpy Hooves (also know as Ditzy by some fans) is a minor character in Breath (Reboot) and a deuteragonist in Breath 3. She has a daughter named Dinky. She is notable for being an actual character in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show.

Breath (Reboot)Edit

Before the Breath (Reboot) series, Derpy had her daughter with an unknown pony in an unknown time, before ditching him for her new abusive boyfriend. During the events of the reboot, Derpy, after being forced to have sex with her boyfriend, ended up getting pregnant of triplets, but, when the boyfriend found out, he stomped on Derpy's womb, killing them and forcing Derpy to give birth to three disfigured foals. Later, she goes to the spa, where she passes by Skyblack Graymane and is never seen again until Breath 3.

Breath 3Edit

"I lost my mind...We all lose our minds atleast once...YOU lost your mind!"  - Derpy to Skyblack in episode 3.

In Breath 3, Derpy plays a larger role. After Skyblack accidentally invades her home, she tells him her story, which makes Skyblack feel bad for her and want to help her by taking her and her daughter to Christingham, for a 'new life'. Derpy accepts, but later, changes her mind and leaves Skyblack. Derpy eventually ends up in an alleyway in the middle of a foggy weather where she is ambushed by her boyfriend and is beaten up. Dinky, luckily, finds Skyblack and tells him to help her mother. Skyblack shoots the boyfriend and then takes Derpy back home, where she yells at him for killing him and 'dooming her'. Skyblack yells back, intimidating her and causing her to run away. Later, they forgive each other, but, Red Heat invades the house and injuries Skyblack, forcing her to help him. Derpy helps Skyblack get rid of the bullet, and then, both proceed to try and escape to Christingham.


Derpy is a pegasus with a gray coat, yellow crossed eyes, yellow mane and her cutie mark is bubbles.
Derpy happy


  • Derpy has been officially renamed to Ditzy Doo in the original show. But, the author seems to like Derpy more than Ditzy.
  • Derpy's boyfriend tortures involved many sadistic things, such as  shoving a screwdriver in her anus and forcing Ditzy to see it.