The page below contains MASSIVE SPOILERS of the Breath (Reboot) series, read with precaution.

Corrupt Skyblack is the evil spirit that possess Skyblack in the Breath Reboot series and makes him kill ponies involuntarily.

Corrupt was casted upon Skyblack by Zecora, after he accidentally traps himself in her home.

Breath RebootEdit

"Not so strong now, are you?" - Corrupt Skyblack to Skyblack in episode 7.

Corrupt Skyblack is the reason why Skyblack kills ponies, even if he doesn't want to. He is present in Skyblack's mind until episode 8, where Skyblack is strong enough to cast him out.

However, some of Corrupt's personality kept in Skyblack, which will make Skyblack act like if he's being controlled by Corrupt, making him attack with violence those who he considers an enemy, while taunting them.


Corrupt, according to Skyblack's description, resembles a black burned pony, with red eyes and a white mane.


Corrupt's personality is similar to the original Skyblack's personality. He's a sadist sociopath and psychopath that enjoys torturing innocent ponies.


  • Skyblack going frenzy because of Corrupt's personality staying with him is identical to how Skyblack goes berserk in Breath: Crimson Darkness.
  • Corrupt Skyblack was probably inspired by the original Breath's Skyblack.