Breath 3: Episode 7


"Alright, Breath, today we're gonna test your skills with a weapon..."

"I already killed five of you months ago, in that showdown in the rain with my father..."

"I know, but you had cover. Now, we're going to see how good you are without somewhere to hide..."

A cell to my right opened. Inside was a big open room, with cells to the right. I could hear screams coming from them...

"Take this..." Jack handled me a pistol. Seemed like a .45 ACP.

"I hope you know I can just shoot you right no-"

"No, you can't...Try it..."

I pulled the slide and aimed it at him. When I tried to pull the trigger, it was jammed...

He chuckled, "The weapons we make have a detector that doesn't allow you to fire at any Red Heat member, or yourself...We created that to avoid friendly fire." I aimed to a wall and pulled the trigger, and was startled by the loud bang coming from the gun, "But, while you can't shoot at the Red Heat, the Red Heat can shoot at you, in case you become a violent threat. Also applies to any Red Heat soldier that goes rogue..."


"Alright, now, what are you going to do is..." He put a hoof on my shoulder and pointed to the cells, "Each of these cells contain a crazed worker and prisoner. What are you going to do, is to kill them all as soon as their cells open..."

"That's sickening..."

"You did more sickening things before. Also, they'll attack you, so it isn't going to be a piece of cake..."

After thinking about it, I noticed that I would actually be doing a favor to them. After all, Celestia knew what they went through before going mentally unstable...

"Fine, then..."

"That's the spirit! Now, kick their asses!" Jack said walking away. The door closed as soon as he went through it. The cameras around the room pointed at me, filming me...

Who knew what sick fuck could be watching me through it...

Suddenly, all the cells in the room opened. I pointed the gun to them, waiting for anypony that would come out first...

"There a good pony..." I saw a dark blue stallion come out of the middle one, carrying an axe, "There a goooood pooony...THERE A GOOD PONY," He started running torwards me, "THERE A GOOOOO-" And I made a hole on his brain, making him fall on the ground with blood spraying from his forehead.

And then, I heard more ponies come out, yelling the unintelligible, laughing or saying random words that made little sense...



I felt time slowing down when I saw eleven of these ponies coming after me, I activated the R.H.A.V.S, and, as Jack said, it entered combat mode. A target popped up on each pony. I activated R.H.A.V.S slow motion thing.

Now, time was almost completely frozen. But, I still moved at pretty much the same speed.

I shot a bullet to each pony as time slowly came back. When it was back, each bullet hit each pony's head, and they all came tumbling down...

I was quite impressed...

There was a ten second silence...I couldn't hear anymore insane ponies...I took my time to turn off the R.H.A.V.S...

"TA-DAAAAAAAH!" I heard this yell come from behind me, I turned around to see a pink mare with a green mane just try to stab me in the neck. I blocked her hoof and pointed the gun to her face, and then, her face was pretty much gone along with her brains...

Maybe now it was over...

I heard the door to my left opening, and I saw Jack coming in clapping...

"You did well! And yeah, the combat mode for the R.H.A.V.S is what makes you such a badass killing machine...Now, go, it's already lunch time..."


I was hungry, but I was going to leave the slop for later. I found out that, apart from the club, there was actually a small bar not very far from the cafeteria. The thing was bigger than the club, it was nicer and I could see ponies leg wrestling and chatting. It seemed more like my kind of place...

On my way to the counter, I passed next to two guards. They talked about me...

"Hey, isn't that Jack's favorite guard?"

"My goodness, he looks like a total moron..."

"Well, he ripped a foal out of a mare's womb in the shooting range, you know...And Jack said he didn't even feel any remorse!"

What a liar Jack was...

"Who cares if he did that? I can shoot three pregnant mares in the belly, cut their dead foals out and rape them in front of 'em as they bleed out..."

"That sounds pretty awesome..."

"Yeah, we should speak with the shooting range manager and ask them if we can do that!" They walked out of the bar, laughing...

I felt like the ponies I killed weren't exactly the insane ones in this place...

Disgusted, I walked to the counter already asking for nothing more than Apple Cider, small, no lemons, ice.

When she served it to me and I was about to drink it, I heard my name being shout behind me, at the door. I saw Derpy running torwards my direction, panicking. She stopped right next to me, looking at the door, shivering...

"S-S-Sky, h-help, please-he-hee!"

"The hell did you do?"

"I-I-I accidentally knocked a weapon over and I b-broke it! T-Two w-weeks of work gone b-because of me!"

"And why are you so scared because you lost two weeks of work?"

"B-Because t-the guards on the Repair Bay got pissed a-about it a-and now t-they want t-to punish me! A-AND I-I'VE ALREADY T-TOLD YOU HOW THEY PUNISH!"

I looked around. Workers looked at us with concerned look on their faces, with some simply looking away shaking their heads as they probably thought "Welp, you're fucked."

I looked behind me and asked the barpony if she could hide under the balcony.

"No way, man, that would get me screwe-"

"46-FUCKING-9!!" A yell came from behind me, making Derpy let out an "eeeep!".

"...Yeah, screwed like that..."

Three guards holding rifles started to walk torwards us, Derpy raised her hooves, kneeling on the ground, and then started begging them for mercy. It was more than obvious they would have no mercy...

Derpy had her face struck by a gun's butt, which was strong enough to knock her out...I felt anger rise in me seeing a friend get hurt...

I walked torwards them...

"Hey, how about you pricks pick on a stallion instead of a mare?"

All of them looked at me, cocking an eyebrow and then, laughing...

"Guys, look at this idiot acting like a mares' stallion!" One of them walked to me, "Just because you're Jack's friend, that doesn't mean you can give us orders, punk. We do whatever the hell we want even if Jack doesn't like it. WE make the rules here!" He pushed me away, "Now get the fuck out of here before I decide to shut you system down, cyborg..."

"Hey, sarge! What do we do with this bitch?"

"Why the hell you asking me that? Rape her, retard, just like how we do with all the dumb mares that do something stupid..."

"Right here? Right now?"

"Yeah, right there, right now, and try to not exhaust her before my turn!"

And now, my objective was to get her out of the situation by any means neccessary...

"Tell your stallions to get their filthy hooves off her..." I walked torwards the sargent and he pushed me away again...

"Back the fuck up!"

And then, I lost control of myself. I walked torwards him again, grabbed his rifle, pulled it and then pushed it against him, making it's butt hit his muzzle. We put his hooves in his mouth in pain, and, since I couldn't shoot at him due to the friendly fire detector, I held it like a bat and smacked him down with it. And then, the two guards in front of me already pointed their weapons at me. I threw rifle at one of them and ran torwards the other one, tackling him as his weapon fired upwards. I punched him in the face three times with my robotic leg, and it was enough to crush his skull. And then, I saw the other guy getting up. I jumped over Derpy who lied on the ground and also tackled him, and when I was about to crush his face as well, I noticed the other guard who I smacked with the rifle getting up and arming himself. By Holder instinct, I spreaded fire onto him, making him burn as he screamed and fell on the ground rolling. I, then, proceeded to crush the skull of the pony under me.

And now, with the guards killed, I looked around the bar...Workers stared at me with shocked expressions...

I, then, looked at Derpy, who slowly picked herself from the ground...

"...W-What...W-What h-have you done?"

I still had anger flowing in my veins...I was done with that place...I was done with the Red Heat...I wasn't going to accept my new life in any form of freaking way...

I got up from the dead pony, and walked to the counter. The barpony hid behind it in fear...

I grabbed my drink...

"Listen up closely!" I shouted and took a sip from my cider, "What I just did here was an act of courage that everypony here has inside of their hearts...All of you, all of you have a tiny, tiny desire of doing what I just did...Everypony in here wants to kill the Red Heat and Jack Goodfellow, am I right?" I took another sip, "Well...Ponies, why are you afraid of the Red Heat? Is it because of how crazy they are? How they are capable of doing the unimaginable? Well, I admit, I was pretty intimidated by what they've made me do, and what they did...Like apparently sticking a drill in a stallion's urethra...Well," Another sip, "I am not intimidated by a bunch of wanna-be Red from Red's Garden anymore...I am not intimidated by a bunch of sickos who have fun torturing anymore...Why? Because I can do worse to them. Not only that, but also, I prefer to die fighting my enemies than die because I didn't fight back. A lot of us died because we were too afraid of fighting back. I am not afraid of fighting back. I want to fight back, and that's what I will do right now..." I took one last sip before throwing the glass on the floor, breaking it, "I, Skyblack Graymane, murderer of a lot, also know as Scelestus and Breath, hated by many, loved by few, am starting the day we turn the tables. I am starting the day we show them who are the bosses. The day we win our peace and freedom, or die trying! I declare war to the Red Heat and I will win it, or get my eternal peace! And those who side with me shall be remembered, by all of Equestria! Rise and shine! RISE AND FUCKING SHINE!"

As I expected, all the workers from the room started cheering and clapping, following the cliché. I looked at Derpy, who still sat next to the dead guards. She looked stunned...

And then, I just see all the workers around me grabbing whatever they could use as a weapon and rushing out of the bar...

Derpy walked to me, looking at me like if I was a dragon...

"S-Sky...You didn't have to do that..."

"Why not? I'm tired of being a slave, and I bet you're tired too..."

"Yes, but you didn't have to start the revolution!"

"Derpy," I put a hoof on her shoulder, "I did something a pony should've done a long time ago..."

"Sky, you just caused a massacre!" She grabbed my hoof and threw it away, "A lot are going to die because of you!"

"They are going to die fighting for what they wish. It's better to die than live in this place..."

She gazed down for a moment, "Sky...Really, I'm...I'm just scared of what's going to happen now..."

"Everything will be better, believe me...If we die, we'll find our peace in the afterlife..."

"...I-I don't know..."

"You'll be able to see your daughter, Derpy...Or maybe even your triplets!"


"Derpy, mark my words...A lot of ponies will find their well deserved peace, while others will stay alive and fight for their freedom...If my revolution fails, atleast, the afterlife will receive us with open arms..."

"Okay...Okay..." She sighed, and then, looked up to me, smiling, "...Thank you for doing this, but...I'm a coward...I-I think I'll just...hide..."

"You can hide behind the counter with me!" The barpony behind me said. I glared coldly at him, making him slowly go back down behind the counter again, smiling nervously...

"You can hide in your cell, Derpy...It's the safest place I can think of..."

"A-Alright...If it's open, I'll stay inside it until I think it's safe..."

"Good..." I smiled...

And then, she hugged me...

"Thank you for saving me, also...And for starting such a historical moment..."

"You're welcome..." She backed away, blushing again, "But, right now, I want to have a talk with a certain foalhood friend..."

"Oh...Okay...G-Good luck!" I walked past her and I heard her following me to the exit. I went to the left and she went to the right...

I could hear gunfire and screams not very far ahead...


As I hid behind one of the columns that supported the floor above, I could see workers being slaughtered by three guards not very far ahead. I tried to move from column to column without attracting attention, but...


I quickly hid behind the column next to me as bullets hit the edge of it, making me lean away from it. Taking supressing fire, I had to think quickly what to do. That was when I stepped on a wrench from a worker that died in the middle of the hallway. I grabbed it, and rounded to the right of the column, throwing the wrench at one of the guards with my mechanic leg. Due to the leg's strenght, the wrench went fast enough to knock the guard down, and his mates was kind enough to stop firing to check on him for four seconds, which was enough time for me to flank them, and using my robotic leg's strenght, I grabbed one of the guards by the neck and held him in front of me as a shield, while his friend panicked and tried to shoot me, but instead his gun locked due to the detector. I threw his friend's at him, knocking him down, and by reflexes from the action, I accidentally discovered a new feature about my leg. As I was going to stomp on him, a blade came out from my hoof, which went through both ponies. Surprised, I took the blade out and examined it, cocking an eyebrow...

"Derpy didn't tell me about this..." I thought...

But, in the corner of my eye, I saw the guard knocked down with a wrench reaching for his weapon. I sticked the blade in his neck and pulled it backwards, cutting his head off...

I raised two eyebrows, happy with my discovery...

I, then, grabbed one of the weapons from the guards. It was a MP5, empty. I grabbed a bandolier full of magazines from one of the corpses and put it on, reloaded the gun, but, as I sticked the magazine in, I remembered all guns had a detector to avoid friendly fire...

"Now, where is this detector?"

I examined the weapon, and found a small red chip right under the barrel, stuck in it. Using the hoofblade, I was able to rip it off. Maybe that was the detector.

I proceeded to walk through the hallway of cells, hearing the insane ponies and also sane ponies asking to be freed. I didn't exactly have time for them...

Walking along the path, I saw a glass panel above after the upper floor of cells ended. Maybe that was the watch room where the cells could open or not...

"Fuck!" I heard from my left, I could see Jack behind a gate, carrying keys in his pocket. He started to run away.

"Jack, you piece of shit!" I tried to hit him with one of my bullets, but, my accuracy with automatic weapons never was pretty good, and he got away, rounding a corner to the left.

I had to find a way to get the gate open. I, then, remembered the watch room above. There was a double door that would probably take me up there...

And then, suddenly, I hear two guards yell from my right...


I wasn't feeling like taking orders. I just ran inside the double door as they fired seven bullets, but missing them all. I could see a spiral staircase. I went upstairs to see a control panel with monitors displaying footage of the cells. The panel also showed various switches, each with information about what door they were going to open or close.

I saw a switch that had "Gate To Medical Bay" labeled under it. I was unsure if it was the correct one.

And then, I heard hoofsteps going up the spiral stairs. I had nowhere to hide. In the heat of the moment, while aiming my weapon to the spiral stairs, I accidentally flipped the switch down with my elbow and I heard a gate opening, but, what concerned me more, was when the guards were going to show up.

Then, I saw a dark red mane pop out of the spiral stairs. By reflexes, I pulled the trigger, and one of the bullets went straight through the top of his head, blowing the top of his skull off.

And then, I heard his friend panicking...

"SHIT, FUCK!" He descended some steps, and contacted his friends through a walkie-talkie he had strapped on his shoulder, "HEY, I'M IN TROUBLE AT THE CELLS!"

While he kept yelling for reinforcements, he forgot I was still there. I just walked to the stairs, and when he looked up and noticed me, he was filled with holes.

I could hear the ponies through the walkie-talkie calling his name, then letting out a swear and turning their walkie-talkie off. I descended the stairs and went through the double doors, and it was good seeing the gate open. I ran through it, after my foalhood friend, Jack.


I ran for a few minutes. Passing through a few glass panels, I could see guards having to deal with workers below. Some workers actually were using fire weapons, as they could rip the detector out as well. But, sometimes, I also saw insane ponies that somehow escaped their cells and were attacking everypony on sight.

I caused a massive war inside one base.

On the way, I passed through that shithole they called club again. Dumb me, I decided to take a rest inside it.

I opened the doors. The whole thing was empty, and still trashed. I walked to the bar counter, and I was received with a very scared Bon-Bon pointing a bloody shotgun to me. If she had pumped the thing, I would have panicked and probably shot her. Good thing she didn't...

"Oh, Sky!" She put the thing away, as I holstered my weapon by wrapping the sling rope on my armpit, "So, you're in this mess as well, right?"

I nodded...

"Well, that sucks...Would you like a drin-"

"THERE!" I look to the right to see that skinny abomination from last night. That ugly mare that tried to take me to bed. But, along with her, I could see two stallions, carrying Glocks, "T-That's the guy that insulted me last night!"

"So, you think you can insult our sister without getting consequences, huh?! You cowardly little shit! Say what you said to her again if you have the courage!"

If I could remember what I said last night, I would. But, Bon-Bon spoke for me...

"I know what he said! He said 'Ma'am, I can assure you with all of my honesty, that-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" One of the stallions said, and the trigger happy bastard shot Bon-Bon, hitting her in the chest, making she tumble backwards screaming in pain. Not only the loud bang of the weapon startled me, but also that he just shot her for no reason. I fired back, spraying and praying as I hid behind the counter.

I was waiting for bullets to start flying, but I couldn't hear anything but Bon-Bon's cries of pain. I peeked out to find out that everypony there was dead, including that mare.

Panic sometimes saves you.

I went to Bon-Bon, who held her hooves on her chest. The shot hit the middle of it and went through her...

"S-Sky...I-It hurts!"

I remembered I had a spell for healing. I pulled her hoof away from the bullet hole and my eyes started to glow green. My vision went green as I shot green rays from my eyes into her wound, closing it, stopping the bleeding and regenerating the coat.

I, then, pushed her sideways and did the same to the bullet hole on her back...

The green ray not only closed the holes, but also was able to go all the way to her damaged internal organs bones to fix them as well.

Although, even if her injuries were healed, the pain would take a while to go away...

"T-Than...Thanks..." She sighed, "Oh, I, uhh...I want to show you something..." She got up slowly and opened the drawner full of liquor and pulled a Mindkiller, and then, opened the cupboard below, and pulled a rag. She opened the bottle of Mindkiller, put the rag in and gave it to me, along with a box of matches, "Mindkiller is really so strong it can be used as a Molotov Cocktail...But...A Mindkiller Cocktail is actually stronger, as it can make a shockwave when it hits the ground that can knock a pony down...I was waiting the whole month for a moment to use them, but...I'll give you the honour to burn the first Red Heat son of a bitch you see..."

I nodded and smirked. She also grabbed two more Mindkillers and put rags in them, and, after that, she gave me a small satchel to put them in...

"This satchel is how I used to carry the drinks...It's yours now...And, don't worry about me..." She grabbed her shotgun again, pumping it, "I can handle myself..."

Giving one last nod, I bid goodbye and left the bar as she ducked behind the counter again...


I was lost inside the base. All I could hope for was that I was going to found Jack somewhere...

On the way, I passed through where Derpy apparently worked. The Repair Bay. I could see weird, mounted weapons of various formats, some barely finished, some broken, some knocked over, some apparently finished. I also saw blood puddles and even corpses of workers and guards. I was glad Derpy wasn't in the middle.

Not very far to the main gate to get out of there, I saw for Red Heat guards run in. Luckily, I hid behind a workbench before they saw me...

"Come in, Ratfood. We're at the Repair Bay. No signs of any rampant workers or Breath yet..."

I became invisible just in case. Invisibilty wasn't perfect, though. A figure of me still stayed and I could be seen if somepony stared at me long enough closely. Carefully, I passed through the guards, while listening to what the apparent squad leader had to say...

"Yes, sir, my boys are scouting the area right now. What about the Cafeteria? Is it safe?...Nice. Just be careful with if any insane pony shows up, since they tend to come in packs for whatever reason..." I rounded him, slowly going from workbench to workbench, "...What? The Veterans? They're bringing them in to solve this mess? Awesome! Those guys kick ass!"

I was close to the main gate, until, I just see this pack of ten or eleven ponies running torwards me...

"WHAT THE FUCK, HOW DID THEY MAKE THROUGH THE BARRICADE?!" I heard a soldier behind me say...

The startle was enough to make the invisibility go away, as I lost concentration...


I don't know what startled me more, the fact that I gave my position, the fact there was a shit ton of insane ponies running torwards me screaming or the shooting. Somehow, I was fast enough to make a shield of arcane before I was shot down.

The soldiers, now confused and scared out of their minds, proceeded to start shooting the insane ponies, but, these ponies actually showed to have a great agility. Agile enough to dodge their some of their bullets, pin down some of the guards and simply bring the whole thing down...

I became invisible again and the shield vanished. I made a doppelgänger of myself, and sent it to the insane.



While they ganged up on him, I left the Repair Bay. I rounded the corner and after some more boring walk, I found Jack again.

Through a glass panel, I could see him with four masked ponies around him. These ponies weren't regular Red Heat guards, they seemed to be more advanced. They carried from rifles to heavy machine guns and wore strong body armor. Their masks were like welder masks with a red visor, and they all were unique. Each mask had a different painting to intimidate their enemy.

Jack and the four masked ponies went across the room aiming at all directions before dissapearing behind a gate. I wasn't up to descending some stairs, and the height wasn't big, so I, waited a while so the Jack and the goons would not hear me break the panel and jump down into the room. Then, I followed Jack and his guards, invisible...

"Where we goin', sir?" A walkie-talkie like voice came from one of the guards.

"We're gonna have a meeting with other Veterans. We have a plan to discuss..."

Luckily, I was able to follow them all the way to the meeting...

The meeting happened in what seemed to be the some kind of planning area. I could see a big map on top of a large table, that showed all of Equestria. I could see red push pins signifying Red Heat territory and blue pins signifying the Equestrian Forces territory. Chairs were all around the desk.

Not only those things, but I could also see a lot of masked goons. Somewhere by thirty. Luckily, the room had an upper floor to the right, like a stage where ponies would give speeches or something. I got up on it and watched them to discuss their plan...

"Well, gentlestallions." Jack said, leaning on the table, "Project B.R.E.A.T.H AKA Breath has caused...Well, pretty much the revolution, I guess...Well, I bring you here to discuss our plan B. We're gonna blow up the base using all the explosives we got..."

"But, we will be baseless, sir!"

"No. This whole time I was secretly creating a base not very far away from Ponyville." He pointed at the map, with the base to the right of the Ponyville, kinda far away, "It isn't as big as this place, but a lot can fit there..."

"What about our weapons?"

"We have copies of them there. Hell, every progress we made is there as well, but with a lower quantity..."

There was a four second silence...

"Well, anymore questions?"

"Uh, yes sir!" A female goon said, "Who is this Breath guy? What can you tell about him?"

"Oh...Breath is a Holder, like me. He is my cousin that we captured a few days ago and now, he was the responsible for this revolution, and he is dangerous. I believe he's after me. He wants to kill me and then escape the base, and we can't allow both of these things happen, specially the kill me part, alright?"

I was surprised for two seconds when he said I was his cousin. But, then, I realised we were Holders and therefore we were from the same bloodline, so, duh. Also, I could care less about him being my cousin. I was waiting for the right moment to kill him. I couldn't just shoot him with all of these ponies around him, they would tear me apart...

"Right, sir..."

"Good. Now, get me out of this base before we're killed. I want ten of you escorting me to the exit and the other twenty stays here and plant the explosives that I left there." He pointed to three wooden boxes stacked on each other, with all kinds of explosives in them. "Plant the explosives, give me the signal and I will give you all five minutes to leave the base and reach a safe distance. Shoot everypony on sight, I want no mercy. Also, if one of you kill Breath, cut his head off and bring it to me..."

"Yes, sir!"


All ponies scattered, with Jack going straight to the other door with an indian line of soldiers behind him, and the other twenty grabbing the explosives...

I followed Jack and the soldiers, still invisible. I was just waiting for the right moment...


(Derpy's perspective)

I ended up having trouble finding my way to the cells since some Red Heat got in the way...

Wandering aimlessly around the base, I came across that club again. I entered it and was received with Bon-Bon pointing a shotgun to me...

"Oh, Derpy, my goodness!"

"Yeah, hi..."

She put the shotgun back down, "Well...What a sad day, huh?"

"Yeah...Lots of ponies dying and stuff..."

"Well..." Bon-Bon rounded the counter and headed torwards the door, closing it again, "Would you like a drink?"

"No, not really...I want to be sober when I die..."

"Derpy, don't say that! You won't die!"

"Why not? Insane ponies are free, Red Heat is shoot-to-kill..."

"I know, but...There's still hope, right?"

"What hope? Even if Jack is killed by somepony, the Red Heat still have control of Trottingham and Christingham. There are loads of them all over Equestria, and you know how strong they are!"

"I know, but...but..."

"Bon-Bon, believe me, Equestria met it's doom. They will pick another leader if Jack dies and they will keep on conquering lands!"

"B-But, S-Skyblack! He's a Holder!"

"So? He has accelerated aging and he'll die in two years, and after he's dead...Yeah..."


I looked to the right after smelling something rotten. I saw three dead ponies filled with holes...

"Celestia, what happened there?"

"Oh, Skyblack came in and killed them after they shot me, and then he healed me with his Holder magic..."

"Wait, so he came here? Why?"

"I don't know. Probably wanted to get a drink, but, this happened..."

"Oh...Do you know where he's headed?"

"I saw him going to the Repair Bay after he left with some Mindkiller Cocktails..."

"Mindkiller what?"

"Oh, it's a new invention I made!" She suddenly got excited, "They're like Molotov Cocktails, but stronger!"

"Let me see them..."

She grabbed a Mindkiller, opened it and put a rag in...

"This thing here is like a home made grenade, but, yeah, let's not test it in here..."

"Can I have some?"

"Oh, sure!"

She grabbed more Mindkillers, and put rags into them, "There. You can carry them in a...Well...This plastic bag!"

She put them inside it and gave it to me. I wrapped the plastic bag around my neck. She also gave me some matches...

"Well, I have to go now..."

"Aw, why? We could play one last game of Poker!"

"Not right now, Bon...I...I want to see if I can get out of this base..."

"But, it's cold out there! If you try to flee, you'll freeze! That is, if you manage to get outside..."

"...Yeah, makes sense...Fine, one game of Poker..."


(Skyblack's perspective)

I was gonna die of boredom if something interesting didn't happen.

I could grab a Mindkiller Cocktail and throw it at them and be done with everything, but, those guards looked invincible. I didn't know if they would be affected by them or not...

That was when we went through some prison cells again. And insane ponies attacked...

"CONTACT!" A guard screamed while shooting the first insane stallion that came out of the corner. Later, more started to come out of their cells, kicking the doors open...


They were being turned into shreads by those guns...

I hid inside a cell and I was gonna try my luck...I lit a Mindkiller on fire and threw it at the soldiers...

"MOLOTOV!" A guard shouted and shot the thing in the air, blowing it up...My jaw fell...

I hid behind the wall again. Those guys were gonna cause me trouble...

I started thinking about what powers I had...I remembered my stone powers...

I looked back out again...My plan WAS to make a spikey rock show up under all of them and impale them, but...

"SHIT!" A soldier screamed when I peeked out. He was a few meters away from the cell. He fell backwards shooting. Thank goodness I was fast enough to hide my head back...

Now, I just had their attention...


Luckily, their bullets weren't able to penetrate walls...

I didn't bother pulling my MP5, it would be a waste of bullets...

"Ice that punk!" I heard Jack yell.

Suddenly, my sixth sense started tingling. I put my blade back out as a soldier walked into the cell. I was fast enough to stick the thing in a unarmored part of his body. He kneeled as I kicked him backwards...


They proceeded to start trying to hit me again with their bullets. I had to think, since that wall wasn't going to last forever...

I remembered the arcane shield. I was able to throw one outside of the cell. I ran torwards it and stood behind it, and I proceeded to think of other powers. I remembered rain and electricity.

I created a small black cloud on top of them that proceeded to just drop liters of water on top of them. They slipped on it as tried to dry themselves, but I threw a shock ray at the giant puddle of water under them. They all fried and came down like ragdolls...

But...I noticed that Jack wasn't in the middle of them...

"Hey, cousin!" A voice came from above, "Good to see you actually learned some magic!"

"Fuck you, Jack Graymane!"

"It ain't Graymane no more, it's Goodfellow!"

"I don't give a fuck what your new name is, because I'm gonna get you and I'm going to turn you inside out!"

"Yeah, good luck with that!"

He shot at me with a submachine gun as he ran away laughing. Good thing the arcane shield was still there.

I ran after him by going upstairs and following his path...


I ran all the way to another cafeteria. Apparently, the base was so big that they had to have two cafeterias for each cellblock they had in there...

I could see Jack all the way on the other side, running through a door and down a hallway. I didn't even had time to shoot him.

"CONTACT!" I heard from the left, and dodged a shotgun blast by hiding behind a column. More of these Veteran mooks...

"We're here to see what you've got, asshole! Come on, fight us!"

I think there were five shooting at me. I made a fireball with my hooves and I threw it at the first Veteran I saw after peeking out. He burned...

"Friendly down!"

I saw a table not very far to the right. I risked my luck by rolling torwards it and knocking it down. Now, I had a clearer vision of the Veterans. I sent a doppelgänger of mine to go running straight forwards and then pretend he was hit...

"We got him!"

But, then, as they were getting closer of my 'corpse', I got up and made the doppelgänger explode into a fireball. All Veterans around it were threw back in flames...

After that, only one Veteran was left all the way to the column on the left...He surrendered...

"Shit...I-I surrender!" The Veteran was actually female...

I used telekinesis to break her gun, as I jumped over the table and went torwards her. I put my hoofblade out again and aimed it at her neck...

"H-H-Hey, d-don't kill me, p-please! I-I can give you the passcode to that door!" She pointed to the door on the right, where Jack went through. It was locked and had a keypad next to it...

I grabbed her with my mechanical leg and put her in front of keypad. She opened the door after pressing "7240".

"T-There you go..."

I walked through the door, and as I expected...

"SEMPER FI, MOTHERFUCKER!" She pulled a pistol from her holster. I turned around in time to use telekinesis to take her gun out of her hooves, break the detector and shoot her throat...

I left her there to bleed out...


The corridor I followed led me to a playroom, which was quite large. The thing seemed abandoned for quite some time. It seemed like it hasn't been used in years.

Everything was rusty. The seesaw was broke in half, and the swingset seemed like it was going to fall as soon as somepony sits on it. I also could see a quite big doll house next to the roundabout.

The light above me flickered. And the door ahead of me was slightly open. In between the gap, I could see a kitchen.

I slid the door to the left, opening it. I was about to step in...

"OH MY CELESTIA!" a voice that came from my left startled me, "IT'S A PIÑATA!"

I looked to the left to see this grown stallion wearing a diaper and with a pacifier hanging from his neck come from behind the doll house, followed by a mare, also wearing a diaper but with the pacifier in her mouth, coming out of the door I just had opened, making me back away. And then, the door behind me opens as well, with another stallion wearing a diaper coming from it.

"I waaaant some caaaaaandy..."

"What." was everything that I had in my head at that moment...

I pulled my weapon from my back. As soon as I did that, the mare to my right grabbed my throat and started pressing it, choking me. I accidentally pulled the trigger when she did that, hitting the stallion in front of me, making the one to my left come running and grab my left leg. My eyes started to water due to the throat being pressed on and jerked back and forth.

I aimed the gun to the right with my right leg and was able to shoot one of her legs making she back away as I got some air back. The stallion to my left tried to grab the gun, but, I hit him with the MP5's grip, knocking him on the ground.

I turn to the right to see the mare holding her leg in pain, before looking up to me and growling like a lion, and making me just end her.

I look down to the left to see the stallion on the ground, holding his head and crying like a little foal.

"I JUST WANTED CANDY! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" He screams to me with tears in his eyes. I just shot him in the head.

No candy for violent ponies.

I proceeded to go through the kitchen and then, ended up in a dining room filled with more insane ones. But, as soon as I opened that door, they spotted me right ahead.


I saw six or seven ponies tripping on tables and chairs running to my direction. I didn't have time to pull my gun back. I ran to the right, torwards the wall, and then ran past the tables and the ponies. I kept running for the door next to an oven and a fridge. When I got a glimpse behind me, they were right onto me.

I, then, remembered the molotovs. I grabbed the sack and threw it behind me. It fell on the ground, as I lit my hoof on fire. I threw a fireball torwards the sack filled with the molotovs, and then, every single freak got blown up to flaming gory bits as I was throw backwards due to the shockwave, with my ears ringing.

I stood on the ground with no reaction for a few seconds, until the ringing stopped. After that, I slowly picked myself up and slowly limped torwards the door. Opening it, I saw a stairway...

Running upstairs I eventually ended up in a clinic.

I didn't have time to hide before they could see me. As soon as I opened the door, they saw me...

"Blast him!"

I took cover behind a wall. With three Veterans shooting at me with M249s, behind a surgical table. Hugging the wall, I went to the left and moved around the corner and followed down a small narrow path, where I stopped around the corner. Peeking out, the Veterans were still there but not firing anymore.

I was about to make a fireball grenade if I didn't hear a voice in front of me...

"Shit!" Another Veteran screamed as he was following the path down to his mates, the one next to me. I rolled to the right to avoid gunfire and made a wall of fire behind me as I rounded the corner to the left, and then took another left, where I was in a break room, with a plastic table with three red folding chairs, a TV on the wall and a fridge.

From my left, the Veteran showed up again, forcing me to go back to cover.

"Hey, I could use some back up over here!" He shouted behind the corner. From my left, down the hallway, I saw two Veterans round the corner with their guns pointed. I made an arcane shield to block the bullets while I peeked out to see a Veteran come running while the other stayed behind, covering him.

When the Veteran was close, I clotheslined him with my right hoof, while forming the other one let out eletric bursts from it. When the Veteran ahead showed up again, I eletrocuted him with a bolt.

I heard the arcane shield to my left dissapear, making me to take cover around the corner. Bullets started to fly right across.

I used my teleporting skill to teleport behind them. They heard me and turned around, but, I fastly grabbed one and held him in front of me as he shot his buddy, and then, I pulled a grenade pin on his vest, and threw him backwards with the grenade. He fell on his friend.

And then, I ran away before both were blow to nothing. Turning around, with the smoke clearing itself, I saw blood and more unrecognizable remains.

I walked back to the break room, where two more Veterans kicked the door down...

"Get behind something, quick!" The one to the left shouted to his friend. They ran, while shooting, to the eletrocuted fried guard and took cover behind the wall.

I was getting sick of that shit.

I made myself invisible and flanked them by going to the right, right and then right again, where they stood there. I hid behind the corner.

The one in front of the other one whispered to him.

"You go around the corner and flank him..."

"Right..." The other one nodded and came running down the hallway, rounded the corner and rounded the other one, while I went the opposite way.

The guy was there aiming at where I was supposed to be. I went behind him and sticked my hoofblade in his throat. And then, my invisibility was gone.

"He's not here!" I heard in front of me. Then, the Veteran came out of the corner running, and swore as when he saw me holding his friend in front of me as a shield. I wanted to finish that Veteran in a more stylistic way than just burning him or eletrocuting him.

Using water, I was able to control the water in his body, adding more water. He kneeled on the ground, with water dropping from behind his mask. I dropped his friend to use my other hoof to remove his mask with telekinesis, revealing him to be vomiting water, as it also came out of his nose and eyes. Eventually, using my second robotic hoof, I controlled the blood and raised it's level too. The result? After some seconds of him vomiting water and blood, his chest inflated and it burst open, with a mix of water and blood falling from it as he fell forwards on the ground.

After that, I went through the way they came from and went upstairs.


While going through a hallway decorated with famous paintings, the power turned off. Darnkess blinded me.

I lit my hoof on fire and kept going. I eventually ended up in a break room, a square room with two armchains in the middle and a coffee machine next to the bathroom's door.

I noticed somepony was sitting down on one of the armchairs. The one that faced away from me.

I rounded the armchair. The pony was actually pretty dead.

Her body was rotten. She had an axe jammed in her head and her eye sockets were empty.

Her body was skinny with her bones visible through her coat. She looked like she was there for months.

Celestia knew what ha-


I think I was about to know as well...

I brought two hooves on fire up, and backed away from the armchair onto the wall, where I spread some fire onto the ground to see better. Although my vision was significantly lowered, I could see a silhouette near the fire, before backing away into the darkness.

I threw a fire bomb ahead, I could hear hoofsteps run away as the bomb exploded, lighting the room for a second, making me see loads of ponies with melee weapons on their hooves.

I could see more than ten of them next to each other, backing away from the explosion.

I had to think quickly. I decided to use the R.H.A.V.S.

Turning it on, I could see nothing but loads of yellow silhouettes in front of me. I pullled my gun as the targets showed up. I didn't have time to activate the slow motion. I sprayed and prayed like an amateur at the line of yellow. Four yellows went down as the others scattered.


I saw five go to the right as three went to the left. Each darting off in corridors where I heard doors opening and closing.

I, then, went to the right while reloading, crouched and silently moved around the corner to see a slightly open door. I went to it, and peeked inside.

I almost had a heart attack when a yellow figure appeared just as when I was going to peek through the open door, closing it.

I pulled the door open and went in, bumping into the yellow figure. I hit him with the MP5's butt before shooting him down.

I turned around after hearing a door being banged open. I see another pony come running down the hallway screaming.

"STOP THESE VOICES-" I shot her. And then, another door is banged open on the other hallway, on the other side of the room.

I tried to shoot the pony but he was too fast. He hid behind the armchairs, the columns, the walls and eventually went inside the room the other pony was in.

That was when I look to the left to already see another goddamn pony coming. I wasn't able to shoot him down. He leapt on me and tried to stab my throat. I was able to shoot him before he could, and then, while his corpse stayed on top of me, I was able to quickly shoot and kill the stallion who went inside that room plus another incoming pony.

And then, there was a silence...before I feel two hooves wrap around my neck. I was fast enough to fall on my back, on whoever was behind me, and hit my head on his. And then, I grabbed my gun again.


Oh shit.

I look to the left to see two more coming as well as the other got up.

"PARTYPARTYPARTYPARTY-" I ended up spreading ice instead of fire on the middle of the panic.

It quite worked.

The three yellow figures in front of me were now frozen.

I used my mechanical hoof to break each one of them into little pieces after that.

And then, I proceed to keep going until I found a stairway.


It was still dark.

And then, I heard not very far ahead.

"Hey, Bull, what about the power?"

"I'm still working on it, for Celestia's sake, give me a second!"

I sneaked my way to a box. It looked like I was inside some kind of basement or attic. Not very far, I could see three Veterans, one walking away and two talking to each other.

"Man, this R.H.A.V.S vision sucks..."

"Yeah, I hope Bull can get the power back."

"Who cut the power out?"

"Probably some retard. You know, those insane ones..."

"Yeah..." as I kept sneaking through, I kept listening to their dialogue, "...Man, Bull has some balls...Isn't there water right under him?"

"Yep. Operating a fuse box right on water...I wouldn't that even if I got the chance to kill Celestia myself. Anyhow, where's Breath?"

"Why are you asking me? I don't freaking know!"

"Fine, jeez, don't have a heart attack..."

During my sneaking, I went to the right and I saw an elevator not far ahead. But, with the power out, how was I going to get it to work?

I sneaked past the elevator, and I saw the Veteran far away...And then he turned around, and I immediatelly hid behind a drawner...

"What the..."

Turning invisible wouldn't help, they would still be able to see me...I had to think quickly...

I waited for him to come near, and then, I knocked him out by grabbing him, slamming him on the ground and using my mechanical hoof to punch his face him even if he had a mask.

Maybe I did more than just knock him out.

Luckily, no one heard or saw that. I hid his body behind the drawner and continued on until I saw another Veteran coming. I hid behind a column to the left, next to the railing.

"Hey, Alpha, how's your sector?"

The radio said some gibberish...

"What about Wrecker?"

More gibberish...

"Oh nice...Fine, I'll see you guys later..." He turned the radio off, "...Man, I can't see a fucking thing with this mask..."

I pulled my hoofblade out, and I slit his throat and stabbed it, killing him...

And then, suddenly, the power goes back...


I turned off the R.H.A.V.S. Oh, it was so great to have my normal vision back.

I was sneaking back to the elevator, until one of the Veterans rounded the corner ahead...

"WHOAH, WHOAH, WHOA, CONTACT! CONTACT!" He shouted as he shot. I hid behind the column to the right, where down there, I could see that guy Bull also shooting.

I threw an eletric bomb on the water that would explode in eletric bolts after a few seconds. I heard him panic for a few seconds before being fried to death...

But now, I wanted to try something different...I made a boulder of the size of a ball with both of my hooves , and threw it at the Veteran ahead...His upper body was entirely destroyed by it...

"MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN!" The other one screamed. He screamed to his radio next, "HEY, BACK ME UP IN THE MAIN ELEVATOR!"

I heard gibberish from the radio...


I wasn't going to waste time killing him. I went inside the elevator and pressed the button to the top floor. As the doors closed, he got up and shot, making a few bullet marks on the doors.


I was making my way to the surface. There, it was very likely I would find Jack trying to escape and also would make my escape faster.

I kept going any stairs I found after getting out of the elevator. And after some time, in a corridor, I looked out the large window to my left, and was quite happy to finally see some snowy mountains.

I went to the right and I walked down another corridor. The corridor split itself in half after two doors. I peek at both right and left path. The path to the right had it's door open. I decided to go torwards it...

Slightly opening it and checking inside, I could see Jack along with five Veterans. The room was small, with four columns, a table with some chairs to the right, and another one to the left with a TV on it. And also, a big window on the wall ahead, behind Jack...

"The wagon's coming, sir. In ten minutes!"

"Good. As soon as we're far away of the mountain and our ponies report that the explosives are set, activate them immediatelly. I want this base destroyed and I don't care about how many ponies we lose. We can't let Celestia grab hold of our technology..."

"Uh, but, sir! My brother's in there-"

"I don't care about your brother. I want this place to become nothing but ashes!"


"Gentlemen..." They pointed their weapons to the Veteran, ripping the detector out, "...Dispose of this trash..."

Poor guy became swiss cheese. Apparently, the Veterans's weapons were powerful enough to penetrate through their own armor.

Meanwhile, I was stuck with a lousy MP5...

I believed it was time to take action. I activated the R.H.A.V.S's combat mode and marked the Veterans. After that, I picked ice. I went in throwing ice spikes on each Veteran's throat, while one was able to take cover behind a column while Jack flipped a table and hid behind it.

I hid behind a column as well...

"Goddamnit, cousin!"

Using the R.H.A.V.S again, I was able to see through my column. The Veteran was going to flank me...

I used water to make a puddle on the ground, make him slip on it, and then, eletrocute him...

After that, Jack made a ran for it to the left and dissapeared behind a door again. I turned the R.H.A.V.S off and was about to follow him, but three more Veterans showed up from the same door. I hid behind the same column...

Didn't take long for it starting to get shredded with bullets.

Using telekinesis, I was able to grab a chair in the room and throw it at one of the Veterans, breaking the glass panel behind him as he fell out...


Now, two Veterans remained behind the two columns ahead. One to the left, and the other to the right.

Using telekinesis again, I was able to throw the TV on the Veteran taking cover ahead of me, and then, while he was knocked down, I threw an ice spike at the Veteran to the right who was already peeking out of cover, hitting his forehead.

And then, I went to the Veteran ahead of me, grabbed hold of his weapon with was a M249. I shot the entire magazine out on his entire body. When it was over, he was pretty much unrecognizable.

The machine gun's kickbag also managed to tire my legs. I heard a noise behind me. I tried to deflect, but I got a gun butt to my face.


I woke up later. I couldn't see or breathe. Whenever I tried to breathe, I just felt this rag going inside my mouth and letting almost no air come in.

I could feel my hind legs being dragged on the ground and two legs wrapped around my forearms...

After some time, the dragging stopped and the sack on my head was removed, making me inhale deeply. I was in a large room, and I could see that bastard Jack right in front of me, with two doors open behind him which apparently led outside...

What startled me though, was the mare right next to Jack, kneeled on the ground, with him aiming a pistol to her head. The mare was Derpy.

"What are enraging situation, eh?" He laughs...

Derpy had a sack on her head as well. The only thing that made me recognize her was her cutie mark...the bubbles...

"You cocksucker, let her go!"

"Why? You think just calling me a cocksucker will convince me? Think again..." I tried to use my powers, but, my head just hurted, "...Heh, I knew you would try that..."

"What the hell did you do to my powers?"

"Why should I answer? I'm not that kind of dumb villain that explain his plans..."

"You're dumb, motherfucker, you're so fucking dumb. What the hell are you going to do with Equestria after you conquered it, anyway? Who else are you going to fight? You, and your gang will get hungry for more power and will end up infighting, and you all will end up ruining this planet!"

"No, Sky...Don't you understand? I'm making Equestria a better place! All of us will be Holders. We're going to be the most powerful race ever! We're going to be invincible! This is nothing but evolution, Sky! Evolution that you are doing nothing but delay!"

"I'm gonna delay it even more with your death..."

"Pity...Stallions," He shouted to the ponies carrying me, "Drop him on the ground..."

I fell on my hooves, as I heard guns getting loaded behind me...

"Sky..." I looked up to him, he made a signal with his hooves to his guards, telling them to follow him, "...You can have your mare..." He said as he backed out of the room...

I got up and slowly started walking to Derpy, who was still kneeled on the ground, shivering...

But, then...A gunshot startles me...As I see a spray of blood come out of Derpy's chest, right where the heart is...

She screams...

"...You can have your mare if you're able to save her..." Jack said before closing the doors...

I ran to Derpy, pulled the sack out of her head and flipped her to her back. Streams of water descended from her normal eye, as she held her chest in pain...

I tried to use my healing power...But...I couldn't...My head just hurted again and no power came out of my eyes...

"S-Sky...There's a chip...R-Right under your mechanic eye, that's preventing y-you to use your p-powers..."

"How do I remove it?!"

"The blade..."

I put a hoof under my eye and I felt a small chip there. Touching it caused pain...

I tried to use my blade to remove it...It hurted...Hurted like when my leg was replaced with the mechanic leg...

"I-I can't!"

I felt Derpy put a hoof on my mechanic leg...

Her face was expressionless...Her eye slowly closed...And she was pale...

"S-Sky..." I pulled my blade inside my leg and wrapped it around her head, holding her closer to me, "...Good...bye..."

"...Goodbye..." She closed her eye, and the light from her mechanical eye faded away slowly..."I'm sorry...I'm so sorry..." I hugged her lifeless head...

I sat next to her corpse. I couldn't take it anymore...Guilt flooded me...

I lost yet another loved one...Another friend...

I had nopony else to lose now...Everypony I truly cared for was dead...

I had nothing else to do...

But end that bastard Jack for doing that...

I got up, enraged, pulled the hoofblade out and sticked it on the chip. It hurted. It hurted a lot...But I didn't care anymore. The chip popped out, causing a massive headache that makes me grunt in pain...

I got up slowly, and slowly walked to the door. I kicked it open...

And followed the hoofsteps on the snow...


I saw Jack not very far away. He was heading to a metal wagon with two stallions next to him, with one of those giant guns from the base on it's roof.


Jack turned around, smirking. He climbed on top of the wagon, and grabbed the gun...

I wasn't up for a battle with that thing. I wasn't even up for a battle. I was up for a dead Jack...

I just made a fireball on my hooves and threw it under the wagon. The explosion was strong enough to flip sideways, crushing the two stallions and making Jack slip right out of it, knocked out.

I stomped my way to Jack. I grabbed him by the neck and threw him backwards on the snow. I was about to stomp his face in, but he was fast enough to strobe my vision with that device of his...

But, at that point, I was so enraged I would beat up a dragon while in flames if I could. I slapped the device away from his hoof, grabbed him by the neck again and hung him on the air while he struggled to escape...

I started to punch his stomach, before pinning him down onto the snow again, hitting his head against it, and then, throwing him at a tree covered in snow.

While he was there, agonizing, I thought of the many ways to end him slowly. I chose throwing an ice spike at his belly, disembowel him with it by using telekinesis and then pull his guts out with my own hooves and strangle him with it...

That's what I did. I threw the spike on his belly, ripped it sideways, making him scream like a little pity filly. I walked to him, sticked my hoof in his ripped open belly, pulled his intestines out, threw him face first to the ground, wrapped his intestines around his neck while putting my right hind leg to the back of his head, and pushed his head torwards the intestines while I pulled them...

Soon...He stopped moving...

I let go of the intestines. He fell forwards on the snow, with a puddle of blood forming under him. To end my rage, I made another ice spike and stabbed his back with it five times before leaving it there.

And then...It was over...

I won.


I kept staring at his corpse...

"No, Jack...I'M making Equestria a better place..."

"Yes, you are..." I heard a hated voice behind me...

What the fuck was Rainbow Dash doing there?

I turned around, pointing my flaming hoof to her...

"Where did you come from?!"

"Well..." She looked at the cadaver and then, to me, "...You really did us a favor, to begin with it...You could've atleast let me give him one punch before killing him..."

"Cut the shit and tell me what the hell are you doing here..."

"We came here to rescue you, Sky, but...When we arrived, everypony was already dead..."

"What do you mean 'we'?"

"Me, Celestia and Twilight, the rest are back at Ponyville, but, yeah, we're taking care of the ones you or those crazy ponies didn't kill. I just flew out of a window and came here to the surface. After all, I knew Jack would be here, and also, you..."

"So, the base is not going to get blow up?"

"No. Celestia would like to harvest some of this techonology so we can use it to wipe out the remaining Red Heat..."

I put my hoof down..."...What do you want with me, anyway?"

"Well...I'm here to tell you something...Celestia wants to make you immortal with this new spell she just made just for you, so you can help her kill the remaining Red Heat, correct? Well...According to all the crap you went through, I'd like to ask you a simple question before she comes up here and make you immortal instantly...Sky, do you want to become immortal or just die and find your peace?"

I was shocked. My own hater being nice to me? A mare who wanted to shatter me like a glass being nice to me?

"...Why are you being so nice to me now?"

"I never wanted to be an...A, erm...Well, let's say flankhole to you Sky...I was actually just jealous of you because of all this Holder thing. And then when you started killing ponies in Ponyville, I was stunned and frustrated, just like how Celestia was..."


"Sky, please...I only truly hate enemies who want the worst for Equestria, like Jack...I know you never wanted bad things to Equestria, and I know you just were angry at us because of how we treated you in the past. Skyblack, it's our fault and mostly mine. After all, I was on that mood where I was just an annoying feather to everypony and I was so angry at you that I actually wanted to kill you, but now...Since you got rid of Jack...I am quite glad. I know you killed him mostly because of revenge to what he did to Derpy and your town, Christingham, but...I know that, deep inside, you also killed him because you wanted to protect Equestria..." My heart was warm..."Sky, really, you went through a lot of sadness, pain, hate and other kinds of bad feelings...You deserve more than just some sleep...You deserve peace...Eternal peace..." She puts a hoof on my shoulder, "Also, I know I was the one that threw you back to depression's claws when you came back...I'm so sorry for that...I regret everything..." I felt a tear run down my eye, "Sky..." She sticked her hoof to Jack's waist, where I saw his pistol...She pulled it and gave it to me, pushing it against my chest, "Do what you got to do...Earn your happy ending...I don't care if we lose the war because of your suicide...I just want you to meet peace..."

I nodded...

I turned my back to her and walked up to the ledge of the mountain and turned around again, putting the pistol right under my chin.

I inhaled...Before pointing the pistol back to Rainbow Dash and shooting her goddamn liar brains out, making blood spit out of her forehead, as her eyes turned to the back of her head and her nose bled and she fell backwards emotionless.

I walked to her while shooting her lifeless body, and when I ran out bullets, I threw the pistol at her and then spit on her face...

"If you meet Jack in hell, tell him I said fuck you..."

After that, I walked up to Jack's corpse and flipped him sideways. I took his jacket and wore it even though it was covered in blood.

After that, I used telekinesis on myself. I made myself float into the air as my hooves and eyes glowed in yellow, before flying off the mountain.

Where was I going? Back to Ponyville.


When I arrived there, there was this big gate between me, and the town. From the top of the gate, was a tower, and a pony with a sniper rifle on top of it. He had a blue band on his right leg,

When he saw me, he freaked out, making the sniper jump on his hooves before aiming at me...


"Skyblack Graymane, and let me in."


"No, I'm not. Now let me the hell in before I blow this thing away with you along with it..."

"H-How can I-I trust you?"

"If I was here to murder all of you, I would've just killed you and forced my way in, and speaking of in, LET ME THE FUCK IN!"

"O-Okay, okay!"

He pulled some lever up there and the gates opened. I saw long short barricade of sandbags, with four ponies already pointing guns at me...

"You're the Graymane!"

"You're the guy with a gun who's in my way."

"How did you get in here?! What do you want?!"

"I come in peace. And I'm here to speak with your leader."

"What do you want with her?!"

"An ice cream."


"Of course not, idiot, I'm here for something serious. Who is your leader, apart from Celestia?"

"We're not telling!"

"Does that mean I'll have to kill my way to her?"

"You're so dead if you do that!"

"You're talking to a Holder."

"PONIES!" I heard a mare behind the ponies. They turn around, dropping their guns and kneeling, "...Let me deal with this..."

I saw a brown mare with a black red stripped mane jump over the sandbags. She wore a blue beret and had a blue band on her right leg. She also had a magnum holstered on her waist...

"...What are you doing here, Holder? You were supposed to be in Canterlot!"

"Canterlot? Why would I be there?"

"Because you were supposed to become immortal after being saved by Celestia!"

"What are you talking about?"

"..." She looked at me confused, "...I thought Celestia broke you out of the Red Heat base..."

"I broke out by myself, and I also killed Jack. Here, "I took the jacket off, "have his jacket..."

She examined it as I heard a stallion shout "JACK IS DEAD? WOOOOOHOOOO, WE WON THE WAR!" in the distance...

"...This can't be..."

"This CAN be. This is Jack's jacket."

"B-But...I thought Jack was supposed to be captured, not killed!"

"I killed Jack, not Celestia. I broke out of the damn base and killed the damn bastard, that's what happened..."

"But..." She looked up to me, "...I'm...Where's Celestia?!"

"Probably still back there, looking for me...Or gasping at Rainbow Dash's corpse..."


"Yeah, she was Jack..." You can't always be honest, can you?

"Oh my...She was my idol!"

"Welp, I avenged her..."

"...Holder...I'm...You have done a great help to us, you know? By killing Jack, you probably just lowered the Red Heat's power by ninety five percent!"

"They still have control on Trottingham and Christingham, though..."

"Yeah, but, with no orders, what can they do? And since you cleared the RH base along with Celestia, they have nowhere to get their advanced technology from!"

"For the last time, I didn't clear the base along with Celestia..."

"...Holder...I must reward you..."

"Can my reward be somewhere to hide from Celestia?"

"Uh, why?"

"Personal stuff..."


"Not wanting to become immortal..."

"Oh...I don't think I can do that...After all, Celestia is a goddess and I'm just a dumb general..."


"Yeah, I'm sorry...I can still you reward you with something else though! Bits, weapons, mares!"

"No thanks. I'll just find somewhere to hide for now...Good luck with the war..." I said as I took a step back...

"We'll win it. I assure you..."

After that, I stepped out of the town and flew away again with telekinesis...


Home...Sweet home...

I was surprised mother's shed was still up. The door fell down when I touched it, though...

Inside, everything in there was pretty much rusted. I look to the right to see that broken window, a table, and a rotten skinny corpse...

My mother's corpse...With a crushed skull...

I approached it...I didn't care about the horrible smell...

"Mom...I'm sorry..."

"...It's alright, son..."

I turn around to see my mother. Her beautifulness brought tears to my eyes...

"Mom..." I took a step forwards before hugging her, "...I love you..."

"I love you too, little star..."


"...I love happy endings..." Pinkie says. The three mares and the alicorn were outside, a few meters away from the house, lying on the grass and watching a son meet his mother again...

"Ah'm so glad you just didn't kick his door down and turned him immortal, Celestia!"

"Applejack, I know when a stallion deserves something. And he deserves this. He doesn't deserve the curse of immortality, he deserves harmony..."

"I agree so much..." Rarity said sniffing...

"He might've killed RD, but...Let's face it," Twilight says, "RD was kind of a jerk, wasn't she?"

"Ah still think she didn't deserve her brains to be blew out!"

"Oh shut up, Applejack, no one asked for your opinion!"


"Girls, ssssh...Let's just appreciate this beautiful moment while it lasts...And don't worry about Rainbow Dash, she had some conspiracies anyway..."


"Yeah, well..." Celestia gulped, "...She was secretly with the Red Heat an-"


"Pinkie, don't scream for goodness's sake!" Twilight exclamates.

"Yeah, as I was saying...She was with the Red Heat...She wanted Skyblack to kill himself to make Equestria easier to take over. Also, with Jack's death, she would be the new leader, but, thanks to Skyblack's hatred and sixth sense, she's dead...We...We're actually going to dispose of RD as soon as we found Skyblack and we would let him kill her herself, but, well, he already did that before we could get to him..." Celestia sighs, "RD...She was the one who betrayed my power, not Fluttershy..." Celestia put her hooves in her eyes, "...I wish I could bring her back so much...Not as spirit form...Just, as a normal pony..." The three mares around the alicorn looked at her feeling sorry, "...Well...Come on, girls...We...We have a war to finish..."

The group got up and teleported away. Inside, Skyblack was watching them dissapear with a loud noise and a purple flash, while laying his head under his mother's neck...

"Thank you, Celestia..."


After three more years of fighting, the Red Heat was eradicated from Equestria. Skyblack, on his last days alive, lied on a hospital bed.

Skyblack's face was shriveled. His lips were dry. He couldn't walk without help and moving one leg was already a challenge for him. He couldn't talk anymore and his vision was slowly decaying.

But, Skyblack had the pleasure of living enough time to see Celestia and all of the good powers of Equestria declare victory over the enemy.

Skyblack, a few hours away from his imminent death, had one last visit.

Celestia and the Mane Four.

Skyblack raises a hoof with difficulties. Rarity grabs it.

"Sky...I...I don't really have much to say...You're...You're a hero. You're a legend...If it wasn't for you..." She sighs, a tear drips from her eye, "...We would be doomed by now...G-Good...goodbye..."

Rarity slowly puts Skyblack's hoof on his chest and walks away, allowing Applejack to be the next one to say goodbye...

"Skyblack...Ah still remember way, way back when you was just a newcomer...When Ah still was introducing ya to the Elements of Harmony...Those were days...Ah never expected from ya going from dat the hero of Equestria...Cuz dat's what ya are...And now...Now...All Ah have to do is...say thank ya...thank ya for being able to stay strong to this day...Without ya, like Rarity said, we would be doomed...Goodbye, fella...Ah'll miss you...So frickin much..." Applejack started to walk off, but came back to say just one more thing, "Oh, and uhhh...the eye...don't worry about it...Ah forgive how Ah always did..."

Applejack gave room for Pinkie. Pinkie was already sobbing...

"I...I'M GOING TO MISS YOU SO MUCH!" She says as she buries her face in the pillow, next to Skyblack's head. Skyblack slowly turns his head to the right. Pinkie looks at Skyblack with her left eye while the other is still buried in the pillow. She can clearly see a smile showing up on Sky's face.

Pinkie eventually gets pushed away by Twilight, so she wouldn't stay there for a long time.

"Well...Graymane..." Skyblack slowly turns his head up again, "...You managed to impress me...You went from zero to hero, really...Even knowing you were a Holder, I still doubted you would have a bigger name than us...I...I was wrong...The ponies out there, outside of this hospital, love you, Graymane...They see you as a god...But, sadly, you aren't immortal like how a god should be...Well, you had the chance of becoming immortal, but, I know your reasons for refusing...But, really...I...I'm gonna miss you...Oh, I am so going to miss you...B-Bye..."

Skyblack blinks as a tear falls from his right eye. Twilight gives him a hug before moving on.

Now, it's Celestia.

"Skyblack Graymane...I still regret that trial...I still regret killing Fluttershy...I still regret making you look like a monster in front of the entire town...You aren't a monster...You're an angel..." She sighs, "...I really want to make you immortal right now, but...I don't break promises...Goodbye, my dear friend...I'll make sure to make you able to visit us..."

"Celestia..." Twilight says..."I don't want him to die alone...Do you think we can stay here with him until he dies?"

"..." Celestia looks back at Skyblack, he has a heartwarming smile combined with tears of happiness coming out of his eyes.

It's unfortunate he can't say what he feels...

"Celestia? Just...please?"

Celestia is still staring at Skyblack...

His head slowly goes up and down...

Celestia looks back torwards Twilight and the rest, "Yes..."


Skyblack, on his last seconds, saw his world go white as the Mane Four and Celestia herself stared into his eyes.

They slowly closed. Making the hero enter an eternal sleep of peace...

"Sky?...SKY!" Skyblack heard a soft voice say, as he felt harmony all around him, "...Welcome home, Sky..."

The End.


Written by Jacket Mike.
Content available under the CC-BY-NC license.

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  • The 45. ACP and the M249 are the only weapons whose names are actually given in the story.
  • The "I never asked for this..." during the club part was a reference to the famous Deus Ex: Human Revolution meme.
  • This is the longest Breath episode so far.