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The page below contains SPOILERS of the Breath (Reboot) series.


Et tu, Brute?"

― Julius Caesar

Breath 3Edit

Breath 3 is the third and final installment of the Breath series. It was written only on this wiki and it never made to the Spinpasta Wiki. It was written by the author Jacket Mike.

The sequel continues Skyblack's story after fixing Christingham. It also includes some revelations.


Skyblack decides to go back to Ponyville, to see if he was accepted there again. When he gets on a wagon, the stallion pulling it recognizes him and attacks him. Luckily, he is saved by Princess Celestia who tells him to come with her to Ponyville. On their way, Celestia reveals something shocking to Skyblack. She reveals the he is a Holder.

After arrival, Skyblack has a meeting with the Mane Six, in which Rainbow Dash acts hostile torwards him, enough to throw him back to depression and guilt. Consequently, Skyblack flees the meeting after losing all of his trust on Celestia and the Mane Six. He, then, proceeds to try to escape Ponyville.


As Breath 3 never has been posted on Spinpasta Wiki, no fan got to read it. There was no reception and was written for nothing more but fun.


  • The story was originally going to be named "Br3ath".
  • This is the most action-packed Breath story, as it contains a lot more combat than the previous Breath installments.