This page talks about the Breath: The Fall of Celestia series, the sequel to Breath: Crimson Darkness, if you wish to read it, click here.

This page contains SPOILERS of the Breath: Crimson Darkness series.

Breath: The Fall of CelestiaEdit

Breath: The Fall of Celestia is a sequel to Breath: Crimson Darkness, created in November 2nd, 2013, written by Jacket Mike along with Ultimatemetaknight (now know as Heavy on Fire).


Skyblack, Crimson, Twilight and Fluttershy after leaving the 2nd dimension of Equestria and entering the 1st dimension (the true of dimension), decides to take over Celestia and her power, to rule Equestria.

But first, they need to take care of the real Mane Six.


Being the sequel to Crimson Darkness, the reviews were good as well.


  • Crimson Darkness and Skyblack would have to kill their real versions as well in a certain time, but it was cut.
  • The series are inspired by Breath v0.1.