Breath: Rainbow Factory 6 Part 3: The Enemy of My Enemy

Written by: Jacket Mike and Princess Callie


Lavender and Little Mac found themselves in the mares's bathroom.

Lavender went to the door and slightly opened it, peeking out to see if anypony was there...

There was none...Except...

For loads of corpses...Of Rainbow Factory workers...

"Oh my...What happened?" Lavender asked herself...

Every dead pony had their head turned inside out, like if they all had been hit by pipe canes, brain and skull fragments could be seen.

Some corpses also appeared to be stab and cut.

The smell of the rotten blood made Little Mac nauseous...

"Ah...Ah'm gonna puke!" Little Mac said before throwing up, some drops hit Lavender.

"Aw, Mac, that's gross!"

"Ah'm sorry..."

Lavender cleaned her hooves from some of Mac's vomit and then, stepped into the lobby of the Rainbow Factory.

"Look! The door's open! WE'RE GOING TO LEAVE!" Lavender shouted in excitement.

They both ran to the door, jumping over the dead corpses, and then, they stepped out of the Rainbow Factory.


Breathing the fresh air.


(Skyblack's perspective)

Skyblack and the rest of the gang, covered in blood and brains, watched as both ponies left the factory running and screaming in joy.

"Now that they're out..." Hyper said.

"We put an end to RD..." Skyblack continued.

"And the whole factory..." Fluttershy concluded.


The gang made a circle of chairs in the middle of the lobby and sat on each.

Skyblack noticed one of the dead workers had been hit so hard, his head was almost detaching of his neck.

Skyblack finished ripping it off and bited it.

The others watched him in disgust, except for Fluttershy, who was already used to it.

"What?" Skyblack asked as chewed the nose of the worker.

"Nothing...Nothing..." Hyper said as he looked away and started whistling a catchy tune.

"Well, anyway..." Skyblack threw the head away, "So, now that both are running free with a big smile on their faces, we are going to get RD."

"Thing is, we don't know where she is!" Pipe said.

"I know, blue eyes, that's why we are scattering through the factory, also, who's still carrying a walkie-talkie around?"

Everypony raised their hooves.

"I even forgot these things existed...Well, anyway, as soon as one of us find Dashie, contact all of us immidietally and tell us your location."

"But, are we all going alone?" Ponytastic asked.

"No. Me, Fluttershy and Pipe are taking a look at the west side of the factory, you and Hyper take a look at east."

"Fair enough."

"Wonderful, now, if we don't find her anywhere, we meet ourselves in the Pegasus Device. Deal?"

"Deal." Everypony exclamated.

"Awesome! Let's do this, ponies!"

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