(Here's the first part! I won't dissapoint y'all!) Last time, after defeating Celestia...

(Crimson's perspective) I woke up with an immense headache, I couldn't remember anything, I looked around...where am I? I was in the middle of a dirt road...

Next to me, I saw what it seems to be a letter...a magical letter?

I grabbed it and opened it...

"Dear Friend, Your name is Crimson Darkness, you were teleported in the middle of the battle with Celestia, and lost your memory, do not be worried, we won the battle, and Equestria is ours!

Come here to Ponyville as soon as you can, you will probably find a map in Trottingham, the nearest town at the moment!

It will be a long journey but it will worth your while!


Twilight Sparkle and Skyblack Graymane."

I had flashbacks of the fight, and in a nick of time, I had my memory back... I saw a sign next to me, pointing to Trottingham...

I looked behind me and sighed before trotting to Trottingham, it's gonna be a long road...a LOOOOONG road...

The Journey #1

I approached the town, thinking about how worried my friends would be back in Ponyville. Luckily, nobody knew about me and my killer instincts. A pony comes closer and asks:

"Hello stranger, where did you come from?"

"From Ponyville..."

"SWEET CELESTIA! How did you travel all the way here?"

I thought of a good lie and came up with this, using my nerves of steel:

"I was fighting evil, but one of my enemies used a teleporting spell and I ended up here..."


"No, calm down. I have some questions for you. First of all, what time is it?"

"About 9 P.M."

I thought to myself: "Oooh, that's surprisingly late. Maybe it's because my slumber..."

"Second, where do I find a small, easy-to-hold map?"

"The marketplace..."

"And is there an inn here somewhere?"


"Thanks, that's all."

I went to the marketplace at the plaza, happy to be away from the weirdo. Sweet Celestia", what was that guy thinking? I noticed I had money with me for some awkward reason, so I bought some food and a map. I got myself a place at the inn, and slept, ready to rise early tomorrow...

Dream Log #1

However, I dream. I'm in a small, yellow area with some peaceful music playing. I hear a familiar voice: 

"Hello? Crimson, can you hear me?"

It's Twilight! 

"Twilight? I'm so glad that you're here..."

"No, I'm only talking to you via your dream. How's it going?"

"Pretty good..."

"Well, that's good. I'm actually really tired, can we cut this off now so that we can have some more time next night?"


"Thanks, I'll talk a long time tomorrow. Bye!"

I then wake up...

Breath FoC: Crimson's Journey Day 2