Breath: Crimson Darkness 14

Original Idea by: Ultimatemetaknight

Written by: Jacket Mike

"Well, I'll be going back to my bed, guys, I'm about to pass out here..."

"Have a good night!" they both shouted at the same time, and then looked at themselves and giggled...

I chuckled and made my way upstairs, trying to not muzzleplant on the way...

There, it didn't take that long to step in my world of dreams...

(Skyblack's perspective)

"So...I've been having frequent nightmares there a spell that can cure them?"

" think so..."

She ran off to the bookshelves, I waited there, trying to not stare at her flank...urgh, control yourself Sky...

"HERE!!" She darted back to the table...

"Will it hurt?"

"A little..."


She looked at me with a frowned face...

"I mean...uh...forget it..."

"Well, anyways, brace yourself..."

She concentrated all my powers on me, suddently, I felt like my head was glowing...and then a large headache came, followed by an explosion of glowing colors...

I was with my eyes closed and shivering...

"Am I dead yet?"

She laughed...

"Haha, no silly, you're alive!"

I opened my right eye.

"I am?"

She just laughed more...


" believe in the Slender Mane?"

"Yes, I do, how did you know?"

"Simple, I was able to see all of your nightmares, but don't worry, they're gone!"

I cleaned the sweat from my forehead with my hoof...

"I...think I'll go to sleep now..."

"No thanks?"

"Fine...thank you for getting these out of my head..."

"You're welcome!"

I went upstairs as she waved goodbye...

On the next morning...

I got out of the house and headed downtown...

There, I walked around, observing the ponies around me, fillies and foals, looking for possible criminals, but something caught my mind...and made my jaw drop.



Skyblack Graymane.


Crimson Darkness.

Dead: 10.000 bits for each head bringed.

Alive: 20.000 bits for each pony bringed.

Sincerely, The Hanged Dark Pony Mafia

I looked left and right many times, panicking, before darting back to Twilight's house...

Crimson Darkness 15