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Breath: Crimson DarknessEdit

The Breath: Crimson Darkness series is a collab series created by Jacket Mike and Ultimatemetaknight (now know as Heavy on Fire) in October 9th, 2013.

Crimson Darkness.

The series is a spin-off of the original Breath series. It presents a new story and a new character, called Crimson Darkness.

Most of the story was written by Jacket Mike, and some parts by Ultimate.


Crimson Darkness, after throwing a pony off a bridge and murdering another, is unlucky enough to end up on Skyblack and Fluttershy's house. After being captured and interrogated, Skyblack finds his name quite curious and spares him, but orders him to meet him in the next day.

After coming back, Skyblack tests Crimson Darkness, to see if he's a true psychony as he says.


Crimson Darkness was well received by fans.

The author, however, says he just "likes the series, nothing more".


  • Crimson Darkness's name was originally going to be Crimson Bloodspat.
  • The Crimson Darkness series are inspired on the very first versions of Breath.