The page below contains MASSIVE SPOILERS of the Breath (Reboot) series, read with precaution.

Blue Autumn is a supportive in the Breath (Reboot) series. She's an unicorn nurse who takes care of Skyblack in the beginning of the reboot of Breath.

Breath RebootEdit

"Nice to meet you, S-Skyblack!" -Blue Autumn in episode 1.

Blue Autumn is the first pony Skyblack meets in Ponyville. She's a nurse that works at the Ponyville Hospital that takes care of Skyblack after he's saved by the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Autumn, as a nurse, was always "seems as an object" by her patients, as she always in constant hurry, taking care of unthankful patients that never appreciated her work, with the exception of Skyblack and some very few others.

Autumn ends up being Skyblack's first girlfriend, but, unfortunately, she's killed by him under possess of Corrupt Skyblack in episode 5.

Breath 2: The Fall of the GraymaneEdit

"Hi Sky..." - Blue Autumn in the FINALE.

Blue Autumn makes a brief cameo at the ending of Breath 2: The Fall of the Graymane, as a spirit like Fluttershy. Skyblack hugs her as she hugs back.


Blue Autumn
Blue Autumn is an unicorn, she has a long green mane, a dark blue coat and pink eyes. She wears a white jacket and a watch on her left front leg.


Blue Autumn has a cheerish personality, as she always maintains good humour and apparently likes to help those in need.

Blue also appeared to be in love with the protagonist.


  • Blue Autumn looks similar to Charming Charmer, as both have blue coats, green hair and have unicorns. But, they're confirmed to not be relatives in any way.